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Cisco UCCX (Automatic Import Contacts)


Hi Team,

I am trying to import contacts in Cisco UCCX (latest version) by "Automatic Import Contacts" process via SFTP.


I have installed freeftpd server in my laptop windows 10 and enabled SFTP of that application, added new user with credentials cisco/cisco and FTP root directory (my local system folder path where contacts are placed).


Then go to UCCX and I choose option "Automatic Import Contacts" and added, IP Address/FQDN (My Laptop LAN IP), username and password, but not clear how to add path for the contacts as the test connection is also going failed.


My laptop firewall is turned OFF, Can someone help us in this?

Will be very thankful.


Please rate helpful, thanks.
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VIP Advocate

If you try and FTP to your own laptop, like from a command prompt, does it work/do you see the files? Like as a test, if you put a file in the default directory, does it work and you can ftp the file from your own laptop?


It also looks like you might want to open a documentation defect with Cisco, as the example they mention providing in the guide is missing?


@Anony, everything is a matter of configuration of the freeftpd. Basically, you have 2 places where to set the path in this application:

  • in the FTP configuration window, you can set the FTP root directory - typically a directory path on the disk something like c:\FTP
  • in the user configuration window, something called home directory - I usually create a local user and set this path to root path of the FTP using system variable

Once this is done when you configure the automatic imports you will only need to set the path to "/" on the UCCX side.


I also suggest, to enable logging on freeftpd for FTP. The logs should show you from where you are trying to pull the data - you should see the local path.

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