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Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) Dashboard Chart View Gauge

Hi all

I need to create a Gauge Chart View only for Service Level parameter, for the Dashboard.

Who knows what report I should use for this?





I assume you're talking about UCCX.

If you haven't already done so, you should create a folder called Custom or whatever. Create this folder outside of the Stock folder. That way permission to this folder do not interfere with the Stock folder. Next, right click on the Contact Service Queue Activity by CSQ Report and select Save As. Name the report but more importantly, select the folder you recently created. If you can't save this report, then check your folder permission levels.

On the custom report, right click and select Edit. Click on Edit Default Filter. Adjust the filters and click Save. Click on Edit Views. Use the Create drop-down menu to select Gauge. Under the Field drop-down menu, select a field containing the word "percent" and letters "sl" which stands for service level. Adjust the gauge settings as needed. Personally, I would reverse the values of the gauge -meaning- critical should be the lowest value followed by major and so on. When finished, click Save and Close. Edit the custom report again. [Optional] Using the Default View drop-down menu, select your gauge and click Save. If you don't see your gauge... click Refresh on the Reports tab and reopen (edit) the custom report again. 

And finally, navigate to the Dashboard tab. Create a folder and then, right click on the folder to create a dashboard. Name the dashboard and click Ok. Open the dashboard and click Add. Type should be Report. At the bottom, expand the tree by clicking on the right arrows. Find your Custom folder and select your custom report, then click Ok. If needed, you can change the View of the report at the bottom. Save your dashboard. 


Dear Mark 

Thank you for you information. 

In this report, I get to the step to field containing the word "percent" and letters "sl". Here there are the follow options:

- percent_handle_sl_met

- percent_negative_abandon_sl_met

- percent_positive_abandon_sl_met

- percent_without_abandon_sl_met


which of these use?



Which one depends on your SLA. Do you guys discard abandoned calls within your Service Level? If so, then use percent_positive_abandon_sl_met. Positive meaning, anything under my SL is not considered bad. The 'negative' report counts abandoned calls against you if they happen inside your SL. The 'without' completely ignores abandoned calls altogether. Likewise, 'handle' focuses on the handled calls within your SL and ignores everything else.

The Service Level (SL) is a time (sec) value. The Service Level Percentage is... well a percentage (%) value. You declare these values under the UCCX Admin > Subsystems > RmCm > Contact Service Queues and select the queue in question. The gauge will be based on these values.