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Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reports


Hi all,



I'm having a problem when I try to get the daily reports for agents, And the problem is that some accounts are displayed

when I try to export the daily reports and even though these accounts were not logged in,

So to be clear, I see accounts that are not logged in, In my reports "And that happens when I select all fields reports type of a report" and they are displayed with zero details.

You may see the picture attached to understand what I'm saying. So please tell me what to do to let only the logged in accounts to "Cisco finesse" display in my reports.





Mark Swanson

UCCX or UCCE? If UCCX, do you have a standalone CUIC server? What version do you have? Might be a bug.

Thanks for replying Mark



I think its UCCE, Cause its called " Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Reporting " And its version is 12.0(1) Build 

Is it a bug? and how to get rid of it? I appreciate your help


No. If you clicked on a link called Cisco Unified Contact Center EXpress Reporting, then you have UCCX which is designed for small to mid-size organizations. Cisco offers another solution called Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) which is designed for large or multi-site organizations. 

Cisco's Bug ID Tool only reveals a handful of bugs for 12.0(1) but I suspect a bug, perhaps, someone from Cisco can search for this potential bug. Until then, my advice would be...

1. Login to CUIC and click on Configure > Data Source. The connected node should be green for all data sources. The standby node should be green for the UCCX data source. If not, correct these settings and click "Synchronize Cluster".

2. If you can... reboot the primary node, wait 15 minutes, confirm all of the services on the publisher have "STARTED" and then, reboot the secondary node.

NOTE: Rebooting the servers during peak business hours is going to drop callers and impact agents. It's best to perform this step during non-business hours or periods of low call volumes.

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