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Concurrent Calls in CVP PCCE


Hello Guys


We have PCCE v 12.5 . We would like to obtain the peak call volume. The objective is to get the “max number of concurrent calls count and”  That cover all calls whatever have been answered by an agent,  abandoned or in treatment at IVR level.  We did not find any stock reports within CUIC that produce concurrent call usage reports

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Rising star
I don't know CUIC reports well. But if you were to look in
VXMLServer/logs/globalCallLogger. This is a CSV file. The 3rd column is
the number of licenses in use each time VXMLServer is sent a request. If
you find the max value of that 3rd column and add 1 to it, then you'll
have the max number of calls on the VxmlServer each day.


hello ,


Thank you for the information. Could you kindly check that this is correct if I locate the third column sum, say 30, and then need to add 1 to the total, making the total 31 concurrent to calls?

Dmytro Benda

Didn't you try to use CVP Call Traffic Reports in CUIC? There is a field named Number of Calls, it shows total number of calls in the period.

The description is here:

Isn't it what you are looking for?

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Hello @Dmytro Benda ,


 We are trying to find the number of concurrent calls on a daily or hourly basis because we do not have CVP Reporting at our end. We are having trouble with dropped calls in the last few months and 270 have concurrent licenses on both sides. Could you kindly help us find the number of concurrent calls on a daily or hourly basis?

Hello @Roys1994 

"we do not have CVP Reporting at our end" - does it mean that you don't have the CVP Reporting Server in your PCCE?

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yeah thats right , We dont have the Reporitng CVP Servers

Thanks!! for the info, i tired its showed invalid store procedure 

It's very strange because this report is a stock one.  

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