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Consult Call Via Queue UCCE


We are developing the client on Finesse API / SMPP event, and we need some help in Queue Consult Case.

Use Case:
Agent make the consult call over the Queue , as this consult call, so when this is connected, we suppose to enable Transfer/Conference Option .

Problem :

When we make; Agent - Agent Consult call, we receive call Type Consult in the dialogue, however, when we consult the Call on the Queue DN(which is created on ICM), we are receiving the call type as OUT, which is supposed to be Consult here as well. So we are not able to differentiate that this is a consult call or not.

My question is there any specific setting/configuration that needs to be done on the ICM side for Queue DN or this is the cisco Finesse 12.0 Feature that returns call type OUT if this is the Cisco Finesse feature set, how can we then handle the Consult Queue case?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Finesse gets the callType straight from the CTI server so it has no control over it. Are you using CVP with CCE? Consult calls are handled in a very interesting way when CVP is involved (a consult uses 2 call ids).


Ultimately, what is your actual issue? Is it that you don't know how/when to enable the transfer/conference buttons in this scenario? If so, in this scenario, the original call should have gotten an updated dialog where transfer and conference are added as allowable actions. You should be looking at this event to see when to show the button. Finesse events were built for the UI to be blindly updated with the values of the events rather than adding a ton of logic.


If I am incorrect on the issue, please elaborate.




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