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Contact Center Lab


I working setting a lab for my telephony network. Within our network I have 11 contact center servers plus 3 callmanagers. My question is can these servers, including the callmanagers, be virtualized?


Riccardo Bua


virtual system can be used, but they would not be material for TAC support, I guess that is fine then for your Lab.



Better buy lab editon where you can test it all which having TAC support

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Md. Mijanur Rahman

Hi, you have enough servers to play with, why you are thinking for virtualization? I can give you a clear picture here.

For IPCC Enterprise

Box:1::Install Sprawller (Router, Logger, AW, PGs, CTI and CTIOS all together.

Box:2::Install CCM in separate box

Box:3:: Install CVP/IPIVR in separate box.

That's it, it's ready to serve your lab purpose, i am running the same environment.

For IPCC Express

Box:1::Install CRS in one box

Box:2::Install CCM in another one.

That's it i think.

You can add another server as CCM Subscriber if you want to, it will need 4 servers for ICM Enterprise and 3 servers for IPCC Express. If you want to create duplex system, add more one. You can separate the CTIOS with CCM-PG in a different box, but no need if the selected box for Sprawller has high end processor with enough memory.

If helpful please rate, if you have more query please reply.

Pls add CUPS 6.0 server as well for SIP proxy server used with CVP. Another box for CTIOS Server would be better. Plus you need Gateway for voicexml if you plan to use CVP. Need also few workstations xp or vm as Agent desktop.

I have 11 images to simulate all the applications. CUCM, UNITY, IPCCX, IPCCE, SIPCC, CITOS, CUPS, CTIOS, SPRAWLER .

Let me know if you need help to setup the lab.

good luck


Yes, a gateway will need to run VXML app (and to originate call if you want real life scenario). Plus you will also need a GK, it can be run in the same device with appropriate IOS.

Hi Ikram, Yes I need your guideline to setup SIPCC and CUPS :)

I strongly suggest that the lab should be proggerA, proggerB and an AW/HDS/WebView.

There is a lot to learn about duplex behaviour - which is what you will always deploy at a customer site - and the lab should really be set up as such. That's the place to play with this stuff.

It's easy to get caught out in a deployment with a small error in a duplex setup and you need have to seen these problems in your lab first. A simple example - the private NIC (crossover cable) above the public NIC in the binding order. You will wonder why your CTIOSs don't see each other and synchronize correctly.

If you have that many machines, think about a duplex pair with a separate Admin Workstation.



Hi Mikram -

I will also be trying to setup a simple IPCCE lab . Can you provide me those images that i can use to setup a lab with CCM,IP IVR and ICM only ?

Thanks .

Hi Ikram,

Can I have lab images to build my lab. Please advise

Anwar Ahmed

Hi Muhammad Ikram.Can you share the image of IPCC, so that i can also learn.I hope you will help us.



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