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Continue in IVR post a Consult Call

Gerry O'Rourke
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Call calls (Calling Party A) into an Script which plays an IVR Menu (no problem)

User selects an option which does a consult transfers to an external number  to "Called Party B" (no problem).

Using Consult Transfer if the transfer fails - you can handle it and return to your IVR (no problem).

If transfer is successful the caller is now connected to the external number (no problem).

If that external number after it has handled the call, disconnects the call x seconds / minutes later, the call is terminated.

I would like the caller (Calling Party A) to be able to return to an IVR menu (I don't see how this can be done today - but does anyknow if UCCX could support this type of call flow?)

The issue I have is that once the consult transfer completes successfully, UCCX no longer retains any control of the call and the script affectvely is terminated (as far as I can see).

Does anyone know of a workaround or alternative approch where UCCX could stay "in the call" and 'catch' the remote hangup event so caller could be played alternative IVR menu options once Called Party B hangs up?

Could a place call help in this script?



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James Hawkins


Unfortunately I do not believe that there is any way to do this (happy to be proved wrong).

The logical way to keep control of the call would be for UCCX to invoke a conference and add the external party to it but this functionality is not supported.

Could Called Party B be configured as a UCCX agent? - if yes then the Post Call Treatment feature could be a solution.




Thanks. I was thinking if Post Call Treatment would work. But looking at the guide, it requires that the Call gets hung up by the finesse agent. This would not be possible with an external IVR.


Your understanding is correct Gerry that Post Call Treatment will only work when the call is disconnected by the agent and that too only using Finesse Desktop. You would need to look for some custom solution to achieve this with an external IVR system as UCCX will have no control over it.



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