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Count element value reset


Hello all

I ran into a scenario where I needed to reset the count element in my Call Studio app.

I have done some checking and I can't seem to find any way to do this.

Does anyone know of a way to reset a Count element to a new starting value?



Accepted Solutions

If you use the data tab of the Counter element to set the Element Data

(not Session Data) named 'count' to a value and select Create Before,

and press Add --

It's going to execute the data tab EVERY time you visit the Counter

element. So, it'll reset the counter every time it executes.

So you'd need to figure out a way around that - unless you want to reset

the count each time it executes, which seems to obviate the need for a

Counter element.

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Just reset the counter value to zero or any value using data tab of the standard voice elements depening on your flow or app modifier and select that element counter value to zero or any new starting value

I was using session data for the starting value, but after the first time through the counter the element just kept increasing by one based on the starting number.  When I would reset the session var to '1' nothing changed and it just kept going.  I am using v8.5.  I'll play around with resetting the data a little more and see if anything changes.

Why not just use a math element and session data?

If you want to use counter, the process I suggested works fine. I have tested it.  You can also use alternative option as suggested by Janine. I am not a big fan of counter element and use my own.