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CRMNEXT Integration Issue - Error in Response

HI Team,


This is in regards to CRMNEXT – CISCO finesse integration , wherein integration has been done in CRMNEXT for softphone by consuming Finesse API.


We are currently in UAT for CRMNEXT upgrade project, and during testing we have identified that there is change in response of Finesse API from the original response based on which development has been done.


As, a result of this change there is breakage in CRMNEXT – CISCO integration.

Issue : Description

Inbound Call: Earlier during incoming call we were getting three response XML  from cisco finesse API. Due to some Environment upgradation or changes in CISCO  API , We are getting only 2 response XML that  in impacting the CRMNEXT – Cisco integration  functionalities of Cisco Softphone.

As a result of this difference in response ,we are facing issues on call transfer and consult functionality which are based on Response of Incoming Call Process.


We had done development on Version 9 and now in version 11 we have got this API response change.

Kindly, help us in resolution with regards to these changes in the API.


As per analysis of previous logs , When we got an incoming call, that time Call state is “PREROUTE_ACD_IN”.

So we get 3 XMLs which is User XML, Dialogs XML and Dialog XML.

But Currently We got only 2 XMLs which are Users and Dialogs XML. Dialog XML is missing for Inbound Calls.


Kindly Verify the same.

Cisco Employee


Finesse is built where the latest XML contains the most updated information about the User/Dialog. So your application should not depend on a specific number of events being sent. Events are only sent if there is a change in the object so most likely in 11, there isn't an immediate change to the dialog and therefore there isn't a dialog XML. These "changes" are all based on what the backend (CCE/CCX) is sending Finesse.

So my recommendation is that your application does not expect X number of events per action. The application should just listen to events and display the values accordingly. This is what the Finesse desktop does.

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