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CSCts31447 - CUIC Does not Apply Thresholds to Grouped Fields in a Grid Report



I found this bug description on the bug search tool:

CSCts31447 - CUIC Does not Apply Thresholds to Grouped Fields in a Grid Report
Symptom: Create a threshold on a grid field, and then create a grouping for that field. The threshold will not be applied.
Conditions: Thresholds will not applied when there is a grouping for that field.
Workaround: None

Known Affected Releases: 8.0(1), 8.0(2), 8.0(3), 8.5(1), 8.5(2)

Last Modified: Feb 22,2014
Status: Fixed
Severity: 4 Minor
Product: Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

CUIC v10.x and v11 are not listed in the affected versions for this bug, but I use CUIC v10.5(1) standalone (exact version is 10_5_1_10000_7) and I am facing this exact problem on my custom reports.

Is anyone facing the same issue with CUIC v10.5? Is there any chance that this will be solved one day?



Chakshu Piplani
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


This is actually a document defect.

This is expected behavior but was not documented correctly and hence the doc defect was opened.  The documentation has now been updated to state this.  The Threshold fails because CUIC treats any "Group By" in the report designer as a calculated field.  When the report is generated, the thresholds are applied to only the original data from the SQL statement.  When the reporting engine then creates the "Group By" sections, it will not re-apply the threshold back to these fields but will instead leave the threshold off completely.

Page 95 (of the pdf file) clearly states the same:

•There is no limit to the number of thresholds you can define for a field.
•The thresholds will not be displayed in a grouped field.



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Hello Chakshu,

Thanks for your answer, it's clearer now!

+5 for your help.

Have a good day,


That being said -- I'm sure many people (including me) would prefer if the thresholds DID show up for grouped or summarized rows (as a new feature).
TAC created this enhancement for me...I and my customers would be happy if it were implemented - CSCvz33112.
As of CCE CUIC 11.6 and 12.0 - the grouped rows still do not and cannot have thresholds applied to them.

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