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CSQ doesn't connect to the agent



I have a problem with the CSQ.
I create the script that the Select Resource routing type was CSQ (Contact Service Queue).
Already create CSQ and Skills in UCCX. Create the Teams, Resource, Resource Group, Assign the skills to the agent too.
And I think it's already complete for all the steps.
But when I try to call, It wasn't connected to the agent (the agent phone wasn't ringing).

Does anyone know what happens with this problem?


Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: CSQ doesn't connect to the agent

Do you see that agent is going to Reserved state?


Re: CSQ doesn't connect to the agent

Thank you for the reply


I set the agent no need to log in with Finesse, just log in with their IP Phone.

But when I call (with CSQ settings), it doesn't reach the phone of the active agent.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSQ doesn't connect to the agent

What can you see on Agent phone?

It has to change status of it.
I am asking you, as if the agent stays in Ready – UCCX is not able to locate it. So the problem is in the skills assigned
If Agent goes to Reserved – that means, that CTI Port is not capable to reach Agent Phone. So the problem is with CSS/Partitions
VIP Mentor

Re: CSQ doesn't connect to the agent

Just a tip, and I see this quite often, if you are using skills, you do not need Resource Groups, they are mutually exclusive (i.e., you use one or the other, not both). This of course applies to a single CSQ. You can certainly use both in one system, but for different CSQs (E.g., help desk is skills based, and customer service is resource group based).

There's quite a few reasons why your call could be failing.

Start off by using the built-in SSCRIPT[icd.aef] script on your application to rule out programming errors. You will supply the CSQ name as an application parameter. Use copy and paste to avoid typos, as this will instantly fail your solution. Case matters.

Then, go to the CSQ web page and click the button to Open Printable Report window and confirm your Agent is visible in the list.

Lastly, make sure your Agent is in the ready state after logging in.

After all of that, if your agent still is not receiving the call, you are most likely hitting a calling search space / partition issue. If you have working Agents, just check their partition of their Agent DN and compare to your new Agent.


If you can SSH to the Master engine (if more than one UCCX server), then you can run this command after a failed call to see i the transfer to the Agent phone is failing and is the cause of your issue.

file search activelog uccx/log/MIVR "transferFailed.*6002, RESOURCE_INVALID"

You will see output like this:

/var/log/active/uccx/log/MIVR/Cisco001MIVR232.log:14090: Jun 23 17:31:28.742 GMT+0000 %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK: [MIVR_ENG_TASKS-31-1-TASK:0x649534e12_icd.aef] Call.transferFailed(6002, RESOURCE_INVALID) JTAPICallContact[id=2,implId=83006/1,state=STATE_ANSWERED_IDX,inbound=true,App name=UCCX_Sandbox,task=27000000018,session=85000000003,seq num=0,cn=6000,dn=6000,cgn=6001,ani=null,dnis=null,clid=null,atype=DIRECT,lrd=null,ocn=6000,route=RP[num=6000],OrigProtocolCallRef=000000000001443E01C8C66C00000000,DestProtocolCallRef=null,TP=8006000]


Where 6002 is the Agent extension.  Just change it to match your Agent extension.

Anthony Holloway