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CTI Agent desktop goes to reserved after agent logs in


I have a little problem that keeps comming up now and then in my CC.I am running Hosted edition.On some Ext. when agents login to cti agent desktop,the agent is immediately taken to reserved state once they click on ready button.Calls are routed to this agent but being in reserved state..the cti then logs out the agent after some time.

What could really be the cause of this? and how do I resolve it permanently?

VIP Engager

Ensure that those phones are associated with the PG user.



They are all associated.I thought without the ICM user association the agent can't even login to the CTI agent.The agents can login OK..but they are put in the 'reserved state'.

Then the next most common step is to check that the callmanager and ensure that everything is in the right calling search space and/or partition.


They are all in the right partition and CSS.That was the first thing I checked when I got the problem.And I've rechecked.

Try to restart IPCC Node

Or the CRS Engine.

2 ways: Windows Services or on the java serviceability

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Hope it helps


It will be hard for me to be given a downtime slot...but when I get it,I'll let you know what happened thereafter.

Thanks for the help



I have the exact same problem. It started occuring on a new call center I just built. We're running 4.05SR2.

The same exact symptoms. This sounds like a bug to me!!!



I'm getting this exact same problem as well on a sporadic basis. I too am running IPCCx 4.05SR2. Just started happening when I upgraded to 4.05SR2 also. I agree it very well could be a bug.

I'm opening up a TAC case right now and will update the forum with the results of the case.


Refining this issue a little more closely:

With multiple calls in queue, the agent is placed into a ready state. Agent immediately goes into a reserved state.

With reactive debugging, I can see that the contact is getting moved correctly into the Queue logic of my script.

I'm attaching a jpg image of that portion of the script. Can anyone please review it and see if they can find anything wrong with it???



Ok - my issue is resolved and I hope that I can helps others - I had Delay 60 Second objects in my Queue with Interuptible "NO" selected.

The script would put the contact into a MOH pattern for 60 seconds, then an agent would go ready, but because the Delay Parameter was set to "No" interupt, the agent would never receive the call.

Interesting thing is that the agent was being placed in a "reserved" state but the ringtone and call were blocked and never passed to the agent.

Good luck!



Hi guys...I noticed there are particular PCs and phones where this problem occurs.The solutions given still don't work for me.Any other ideas are welcomed.


hello. Have you resolved problem?

This occurs when there is a particular problem delivering a call to the agent. The call flow is this.

1. Agent Becomes Ready

2. ICM Sends a message to the PG to Reserve Agent

3. ICM Send label to the routing client

4. Call Delivered to the agent

If the agent stay's in the reserved state then step 4 is failing this can be for many reasons, Calling search spaces, check the IPIVR CSS/Partitions to ensure it can call the agent extension. Ensure any announcements are set to interuptable, If you are using device targets to deliver calls to the agents, check you have a label for the routing client and that it is correct. The calls that fail will be recorded in the Termination_Call_Detail with a CallDisposition of 1 see if you can find any common elements.

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