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CTI route point, though registered in CCM not working

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Level 1

In CCM 5.1, we came accress the problem that though CTI route point was registered in CCM, on dialing the CTI route point from the exension, it was either giving busy tone OR system error message. However we were able to dial the CTI port number. The issue was not resolved even after restating CCM servers. What could be the root cause? from where can we find the logs for the same?

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Level 6
Level 6

Is the CTI RP associated with a JTAPI user defined in the Global Directory? Is that user configured in the application to register the CTI RP?

Is the CTI RP assigned to the correct PT reachable by the Phone's CSS? Does it have correct CSS applied to it?


I have the exact same problem with CTI Route Points and the same version of CCM 5.1.3

Is this an identified bug?? How can I debug CTI Route Point problems??? I have both IP Phones and CTI Route Points on the same partition "Internal" and the same CSS with this partition added to it. Actually the CTI RP worked at first but it suddenly stopped functioning.

Level 1
Level 1

bounced the association to the CallCenter JTAPI user (pguser in most cases).. basically remove the assoc and add it again, this will fix RP