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CUCM Silent Monitoring

Hi All,


Supervisor is Silent monitoring an Agent when he is in call. When the agent transfer the call (both blind and Warm transfer) will the supervisor still monitor the transffered call ?

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

I don't know, but my gut instinct is that it wont, just based on how you have to configure and trigger it. Are you able to just give it a try? If not, I can try it, but it will be tomorrow.

Hi Anthony,


Thanks for your response. I did go through couple of documents and found the below in Dev net:

 "If an agent drops from or transfers the call that the supervisor is monitoring, the silent monitoring session ends."


When you say "just based on how you have to configure and trigger it" does that mean we can configure in CUCM to monitor the transferred calls ?


Do i need to test by silent monitoring an Agent and try transferring ?

No, I was meaning that I don't think it's possible at all, given the requirements to setup it up. For example, you would have to set a monitoing CSS on the supervisors phone to be able to monitor (or call, really) the agent's DN. So, if the Agent transfers the call somewhere, there is no guarantee they will transfer it somewhere the supervisor can monitor. And as another example, since you need Built In Bridge (BIB) enabled to silent monitor, the other destination would also need that, but then whose to say they didn't transfer it to the PSTN, or an IVR, or VoiceMail, etc. Just too many reasons for it to fail to be a feature. It would have to have so many caveats, that it wouldn't be worth doing.

HI Anthony thank you so much for your brief explanation and apologies for late response. Your response will be helpful for me to convince my customer.

VIP Collaborator

You didn't mention the platform/version, but the monitoring is typically done by monitoring the agent's specific phone using BiB, so if they transfer the call, the monitoring session should end.


Once the call is transferred the Call Silent monitoring session will end.

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