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CUIC 11.5 - Adding a Summary Row

I'm still fairly new to CUIC 11.5 and realize a few basic functions/features have been taken away for some bizarre reason. I'm hoping this one was just moved or can be done differently. I've got an agent historical report, detailed with intervals, for the month of January. I need to get a summary row for each date, in addition to the interval details.  Within the "Group By" drop down, i can select "Show Summary Only", but i need the intervals AND a summary row.  I really don't want to go through and run 31 reports, one for each day, to get the summary and intervals.


Anybody have any suggestions?



You may be able to make this work by playing with the Grouping. I imagine the first Grouping level is by Agent. You may be able to add a second grouping level by Day (a SQL part of the DateTime field) if that is pulled out into a field. 


I would have to check to be sure. I assume this is Agent Historical All Fields and you have already done a "Save As" so you can play with it.





Thanks Geoff,


I did do a Save As before i started poking around, i learned that lesson last year when i accidentally over-wrote the stock report. Thanks for the reminder though :-)


I did try a lot of playing with the grouping. Right now, i've got one group, Agent Name.  I've tried adding "Date"and "DateTime" as a second Group as well. All that does is group the intervals by the date, it doesn't automatically add a summary row, nor does it offer a "Add Summary Row" option like i had in version 9.




Were you ever able to get a daily summary grouping to work?  I need to recreate agent based Summary reports from our 10.x environment but haven't found a way to do so. 


yes and no. the actual "Add Summary Row" is supposed to be added back in 11.6.  But since we're not on that version yet, Cisco did try to help get around it and gave me the steps below. I didn't try it because I don't trust myself to not blow up the servers, and this is permanently adding a summary row, rather than adding a selectable check box, which is what i'm looking for.


  1. “Save-as” the Stock report “Agent Team Historical All Fields”
  2. Export the custom report. In the xml file, modify “grp1Sum”, “grp2Sum” and “grp3Sum” to true.. (Example: <grp3Sum>true</grp3Sum>)
  3. Create the zip file with this xml and the folder containing locale information.
  4. Then delete the customreport using the CUIC UI.
  5. And import this modified zip file.
  6. Delete the browser cache and cookies.
  7. Run the report 



Editing the XML file is not really that difficult and as long as you're working off of a saved copy, you don't have to worry about blowing anything up. I tried the instructions you were given and it didn't give me a what I was looking for (a true summary report without displaying each interval).  


I found the "summary only" option at the end of the XML file: 



Just an FYI, I've found that if you modify the report in the Edit Views, to add any columns, it will revert that back to "false" and you'll lose the Summary Only option.  


Hope this helps!