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CUIC 11.6 "Date" data type bug?

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Hey gang, need some quick help. We just upgraded from CUIC 11.5 to 11.6. Since we did, every stock report definition's "Date" field has changed from a "Date" data type to a "String" data type. All of the other "DateTime" fields are still "Date". This is fine when observing the data in CUIC, but when exporting to Excel, it's causing problems for folks that copy that data and have formulas tied into a 'date' field, but now have to deal with that date as a 'text' field.  An example is with an 'Agent Historical All Fields' stock definition, if you select 'Date' and go to the EDIT FORMATTING tab in the definition, the FORMAT field is defined as DATE_MEDIUM_TIME_SHORT, which is supposed to display the Date in that format...IF the date was indeed a 'Date' Data Type. But since it's now 'String', when exported to Excel, Excel sees it as 'Text', so it adds that to the date, so your dates show up as "DATE_MEDIUM_TIMESHORT03/19/2019".  I'm going round and round with Cisco help desk who think it's my computer and my Excel. I keep trying to explain that the "Data Types" have changed, but they're not listening. Can anyone on 11.5 or earlier versions, please look at ANY STOCK report definition, and look at the "DATE" Field, and see if the Data Type is listed as "String" or "DateTime"? The "DateTime" and "dbDateTime" fields are listed as "DateTime", it's only the 'DATE' Field that's changed.   I've attempted to attach a screenshot of what i'm talking about.


Thanks in advance!

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