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CUIC Custom Report to show DN and ANI


Hey everyone,

Running UCCE 12.6 I am looking to create a report that will show the dialed number and ANI an agent is currently on a call with to run as a dashboard.  Looking in the real time DB I cannot find where this data resides.  I feel it should be possible as Finesse is able to display this information.  

Also, is there a way to display PVs in a dashboard?  Same as above and I can't seem to find where this information lives.

Appreciate the assistance.

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Not possible with the UCCE database. You could write something to parse the logs and pull this info but nothing out of the box. 

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The way I've seen this handled is via a Finesse gadget that posts this data to an API/Dashboard. On call arrival the data is posted. On call end, the data is removed. If there was a Live Data API it might be possible.


Thanks @david.macias.  I assume the gadget would automatically consume the call and PV data but CUIC doesn't have any API so wouldn't that data need to be stored in a DB, which in turn would connect as a data source in CUIC?

Yes, the gadget would consume the call data including PVs. Yes, CUIC has this information, but it might not be written to the DB until after the call is over. I guess, I'm not sure I understand you last post and I hope this clears things up some.


I am asking how CUIC can display this information from the Finesse gadget?  Unless I am missing something, CUIC needs a data  source in order to pull its data from. The only way I can see this working is to have the Finesse gadget write that data to a DB then connect that to CUIC as a data source.  

Ahhh, when you say Dashboard you mean a CUIC dashboard! Ok that didn't make sense to me. The solution I'm proposing would not leverage CUIC for the actual displaying of data, but some webpage where the gadget is pushing the data to.


Couldn't you combine approaches here? So your gadget pushes the data to some other webpage, and his dashboard would have a link to that webpage in it as the dashboard contents (instead of a report)?


Thank you both for the suggestions.  I have created a python script that will query the AW Agent table for PeripheralNumber for a subset of users.  From there it will perform an API lookup to pull agent states and duration.  If in a talking state it will then perform an API lookup to the /Dialogs API in Finesse to pull the calling info along with a couple of PVs.  Data is then written to a new table in the AW which is then queried by CUIC to display. The script runs every 15 seconds. This hasn't been tested in a prod scenario yet with a larger user base yet but will be soon.

As a note, we have external HDS setup solely setup for custom solutions such as this.  Should be more than enough for others out there who are looking to accomplish something similar. 

Very cool solution congrats on solving it. Any delays or missed state changes? I personally hate reading and writing to anything on the AW/HDS, as long as you know what you’re doing you’ll be fine.


Agreed, not a fan of that either but that is why external HDS servers were stood up.  I am able to join the relational data between tables and more in a 'real time' state.  I am not seeing any delays in skipped data, however I see a few false duplicate entries.  From a database perspective it is pulling peripheral numbers that do not actually exist.  From the screenshot below the query finds user with PeripheralNumber 407664187, but that is nowhere to be found in the system.  Still trying to isolate the problem.



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