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CUIC login via permalink url in gadget


I created a customized reports that can pass parameters via the permalink url. However, i have read in the document regarding permalink as below:

Permalinks with variable parameters are always authenticated irrespective of the check box Enable Unauthenticated Access  being checked or not.

which means that on the first log in of the agent, it requires them to log to the CUIC to be authenticated.

Is there a way we can pass user id and password via permalink url for the authentication?

I have search and couldnt find any solutions to this issue.

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Level 5
Level 5

You must be authenticated, as you note.

I know it requires authentication, my question is can we do an auto login to CUIC via permalink inside the Iframe gadgets.

This auto login is the authentication that is required by CUIC for this permlink.

Level 1
Level 1

No one has answered Maria's question. This should not be marked as answered.  I have the same issue. I know it can be done because it can be auto-filled by apps. We just need to know how to format the permalink to pass the variables to the username and password.

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Level 1

Did anybody solve this? What's the point of having an unauthenticated permalink, if I have to authenticate to access it?


I just want to display the report in a gadget, based on the team the user is a member of, making them authenticate is going to annoy them.