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CUIC Not Ready Reason Code Reporting Issue

We have a single node UCCX 9.0.2 environment with co-resident CUIC used for historical reporting.

When we run the Agent Not Ready Reason Code Summary Report it will only give statistics for the system generated reason codes (the 32XXX ones), even if we choose other reason codes in the filter parameters.

In the attached screenshots you can see where I chose a bunch of other reason codes as filter options, but none of them show on the report.  It does the same thing regardless of who runs the report, including the admin super user that's created during installation.

Anyone have any ideas?



Hi Deepak,

Thanks for the easy to follow instructions.  This solved our issue of being able to breakdown the time spent by agents in the various "Not Ready" reason code states be they user defined or system generated.  I also took on-board your suggestion of producing two reports to cover for the larger number of reason codes that we have.

What  I would now like to do is produce another report (or include the number with the existing time based report) that tells me the number of "Not Ready" reason code 32763 (where the agent has been in the "Ready" state and not answered an incoming call) by agent.  We now have a report that tells us the time that they are in the "Not Ready" state through the system using the reason code 32763 when a call is not answered but I need to be able to report the numbers per agent as we are using this as a measure of the agents performance.

Do you or any other members know how I might achieve this?




HI Deepak,


Apologies for replying on an old case. New UCCX version but still the issue persists. Sometimes it gets difficult to answer to a customer on why a simple reporting issue cannot be fixed out-of-the-box.


I have the customization as you have explained in place but suppose i make the filter for reason codes from 1-8 and save it as the default filter, the next time i run the report the filter runs from 8-1! The report display is incorrect and we need to manually update the filter again. Is there a way to fix this?


We do not run the same version that you are on, however, I would also take a look at the Agent State Detail report and filter by the reason code field.

The report includes a lot of additional data but at least you can get to the actual customized reason code values along with the duration the agent spent in that code per occurrence.

Hope this helps.

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