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CUIC Reporting - How to report on Call Wait Duration/Time

I apologize if this is a repeated question, but I could not find an answer using a quick google search. In CUIC, is there a way to report on call wait duration? One of our supervisors would like to receive a report when a call is equal to or greater than 10 minutes waiting in a queue. Not sure we can automate the process with an automatic emailed report but I would at least like to provide them with the data in a daily or weekly report if it's possible.


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Would a queue time column in "Detail Call by Call CCDR Report" is the same as call wait time?



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You didn't specify product. Some of the reports offer longest call in queue or max calls queue metrics which you could use. Another option to be more proactive is to change your scripting (assuming CCX) to check the time in queue for a queue before queueing the call. If the queue time is > than X send an email or SMS out.



Psst. The tag on the post is UCCX.

I don't need that smart mouth of yours! Thanks, I actually missed the tag.

Perhaps it wasn't there initially, when you first came to the post, and the OP added it later? I don't post often, so I'm not quite sure if tags are required or not. Would seem so, since every post has one, and I doubt if left to the user to add a tag, we'd have 100% adoption.
Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

I think you're asking about filters, right? Like, only show calls where the wait duration was 10 minutes or greater? I don't think there are any stock reports with that option as a filter. So, you're next best (cheapest) alternative, is to export to Excel, and use the table filter feature. If you want a report like this, you'll have to create/obtain a custom report from somewhere (like hiring someone to build one).

I quickly scanned over this document, looking for filter criteria for queue time, and didn't see anything:

Ideally I was looking for a stock report that would give me an actual column for call wait duration. Since that isn't an option, is it possible to build into a call script the ability to email a notification to a specific point of contact notifying them that the queue has call(s) with a call wait duration timer greater than x minutes sitting in the queue?


Thanks in advance for the help!

Would a queue time column in "Detail Call by Call CCDR Report" is the same as call wait time?



Hi DP,


That report is extremely helpful. Thanks for pointing that at! I will export it and send it over to the Supervisors. Appreciate you pointing that out!




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