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CUSP Normalization Policy

I am trying to come up with a plan to handle sig digits for CVP. My configuration is Verizon SIP Service -------->CUSP --------->CUBE-----------> CUSP in my CUBE I can add a voice translation to add sig dig for CVP 222XXXXXXXXXX I was thinking of using Normalization in CUSP but there is very little documentation on this.

I just need an example of using pre and post normalization

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CUSP Normalization Policy

Hi There,

Just wondering if you ever got this working?

I am also using  Sig Digits and post normalization in CUSP.  It is working correctly but for only 1 policy so am tryng to figure out how to get it working with multiple policies

To get it working.  Create your normalization poicy.  I use sig Digits 201 so have created a policy in the phone section matching 2012 and replace with 2 where 2XXXX is my Call Manager Agent Extension.  I replace Digits with 2.

In my route tables I match 2012 and route to the Call Manager server group

I then add my normalization policy to the post normalization section. 

This works perfectly for the top policy in the list but not for other policies.  For example I also use a Label in ICM to route calls to CUCM.  I am using 311 for this so the label that is sent to CUSP is 2013112XXXX.

If I create a policy 201311 and add it to the post noramlization section it only works if I move it to the top of the list

I read that CUSP goes through the top of the normalization policy list and works down until it finds a match but something is not working quite right for me as the top one in the list should not be being matched.

I have two policies  2012, 2013112 bit being replaced with 2 but can only eber get teh top one working

If anyone has teh answer to this it woudl be great



CUSP Normalization Policy

Keep in mind this is pre-normalization from a Verizon SIP Trunk Service all numbers coming in I am prepending the 222 I can have multiple triggers.


Pre-Normalization Flow:


1. Do trigger pre-normalization sequence exist ?

trigger pre-normalization sequence 10 policy ADD-SIG-DIGITS-ONE condition call-from-verizon

trigger pre-normalization sequence 20 policy ADD-SIG-DIGITS-TWO condition call-from-verizon

2. Check the trigger condition with lowest pre-normalization sequence

trigger condition call-fromverizon sequence 1

request-uri uri-component user 855XXXXXXX

end sequence

end trigger condition

3. Modify the message, per the normalization policy

policy normalization ADD-SIG-DIGITS-ONE

uri-component update TO all user ^855XXXXXXX 222855XXXXXXX

uri-component update request-uri user ^855XXXXXXX 222855XXXXXXX

end policy


policy normalization ADD-SIG-DIGITS-TWO

uri-component update TO all user  800555 ([12]) 222$8

uri-component update request-uri user 800555 ([12]) 222$8

end policy


3. Exit pre-normalization


Routing Flow:

1. Do trigger routing sequences exist:

trigger routing sequence 1 policy verizon-policy condition call-from-verizon

2. Start policy lookup with lowest sequence

policy lookup verizon-policy

sequence 1 verizon-table request-uri uri-component user

  rule prefix

  end sequence

end policy

3. Use the lookup method in the sequence to find a match in the associated route table

4. Does the route table have a key match

5. If yes, is the destination route-group

6. If yes, go to route-group

7. If no, is destination server-group --- if yes go to server-group