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CVP Call Server Logs

Senthil Kumar Sankar
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Members,

Could someone help me by providing any good document related to the "CVP CALLSERVER LOGS" and "CVP VXMLSERVER LOGS"



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I'll leave the Call Server log question alone for a bit, because you have a point.

But the CVP VXML activity logs could not be any more transparent.

When the logging is set to complete (the default), and all the modules turned on (again, the default), every element is tracked in detail, plus any of your custom logging that you add either in the elements or in your own Action Elements is recorded in the log.

The CVP VXML documentation describes exactly how the log file is layed out. The VXML engine buffers the logging for each call and writes it when the call terminates, keeping all the activities for one call together in a block.

What is it about these logs that you want to understand? It's extremely obvious.

The only thing that is annoying is that the default setting for the activity log rotation attribute is "by_size" with a ludicrous value of 100MB. It should be set to

The other little thing I'll complain about is somewhere between CVP 3 and CVP 7, they lost control over the comma-separated fields. These were exact in CVP 3, and you could import into SQL - in fact, a tool was provided. Along came the Reporting Option and bye-bye went the tool.

But there are some inconsistencies now with the number of comma-separated fields and I had to write a little Java pre-processor to pass my activity logs through, before upload into SQL Server. Annoying.



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