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CVP Comprehensive Survivability with SIP Trunks to SP

Hi all

Have a new install of CVP 8, UCCE 7.5 using CUBE and SIP Proxy (CUSP).  The SRND seems to explain that it is possible to configure survivability with CUBE and SIP:

"Cube Deployment with SIP Trunks

The use of third party SIP trunks with Unified CVP is supported by using the Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) product. CUBE performs the role of session border controller (SBC), for SIP normalization and interoperabiliy

Note ASR100X platform is not supported for CUBE with CVP Solution. CUBE on ISR gateways is supported. Also, survivability service is supported on the CUBE gateway."

"For Unified CVP calls, survivability is handled by a combination of services from a TCL script (survivability.tcl) and SRST functions. The survivability TCL script is used to monitor the H.225 or SIP connection for all calls that ingress through the remote gateway. If a signaling failure occurs, the TCL script takes control of the call and redirects it to a configurable destination. The destination choices for the TCL script are configured as parameters in the Cisco IOS Gateway configuration. "

However all documentation points to survivability only on a POTS dial peer.  Has anyone achieved this when SIP trunks to the SP are used, or what methods can be used instead to keep the call active in the event of a failure?

Essentially the customer wants the call to stay active in a failure and be sent back to the initial CVP DN it was destined for.



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Re: CVP Comprehensive Survivability with SIP Trunks to SP

Ok just to follow this up (since so many threads end up with answers not posted!) is that I've been told by Cisco that as of CVP v8 with CUBE, survivability is indeed supported and you simply put the service against the voip dial peer as you would have done with the pots dial peer.

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