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CVP _no_entry_error wavs?

Kartik Bhatia
CVP 9 UCCE 9.0.4
I have my M,microapps configured as 1-4,,2,9,9,Y,Y and they are working fine.
I am still seeing lots of _no_entry_error.wav MEDIA_FILE_NOT_FOUND & Media Fetch Errors in CVP logs for some reason.
Any ideas please?
Kartik Bhatia
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Chintan Gajjar



Let me try to help you here.

Typically your calls are encountering no entry/no input.


there are 2 ways that you can play no_entry wav files with CVP:

1) playing it through CVP sys media lib (default behaviour):

CVP plays no input/invalid input wav files from CVP sys medai library.



this is controlled by below parameter in network VRU application:

above are last 2 configuration params you give in network VRU script list.

and if you specify N there for both (which is default), CVP use the above mention two wav files from sys library.


1) plyaing through CVP app media lib:

in this case CVP will play customized no input/invalid input from app library.

this depends on the same override parameters, but in this case it should be Y for both.

if the override parameters is Y, and lets say your wav file for menu or get digit is abc.wav

then CVP will try to play:

abc_menu_invalid_entry_error.wav (for invalid entry)

abc_menu_no_entry_error.wav (for no entry)


so this completely depends on name for the wav file your using, and for every wav file you have to additionally record 2 files for no input/invalid input.



and i guess in your case, your Microapp parama are set to YY, so CVP will try to take second approch mentioned above and if you do not have the no entry file on your media server, you will see above error.


so you can either change param to NN or record apprpriate no input/invalid input prompt.


i hope this hepls.





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