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CVP Post call Survey

Hi All,

I am deploying UCCE post call survey for a customer and they need Post call survey results report in CUIC report.

How do i do that? Please let me know the procedure / documentation to refer and set up CUIC - Custom report using SQL queries to achieve above.


Thanks in advance.





Hi Team,

Please assist me on the above.



Don't you need a separate DB to store the results?




Hi JT,


Thanks for your response.

yet to  create a seperate DB to store those results.

Please advise or provide some documentation to build Custom report to pull Post call survey results.




Hi Srini,

This can be easily found on the Cisco website





Scenario: Caller --> Main menu asks " would you like to participate in a short survey to improve our quality and training purposes" --> Set "user.microapp.isPostCallSurveyto "Y" --> Agent Hangs up --> CVP will take caller to Post call Survey Menu --> Survey main menu has 5 questions and will ask caller to rate experience from 1 to 5 ( 5 is high and 1 is low).


Is it possible to run custom reports against Call Types - UCCE_AW database or do i need to create a new DB?



Where is your CVP call flow updating the customer survey results (1-5)? UCCE won't do it for you.




Post Call survey setup is postponed to next year but i sincerely appreciate for all the help you did.

Dear Srinivas,

Have you get any reply or support regarding above subject?

I am working on this.  I can write a query in CUIC to collect the post call survey results based with the GUID.  The problem I have is relating it back to the Agent that took the call, which is what the Business would like to see.  They also want to do important things like look at averages and aggregate results to the skill level.

I would like to start with joining the CVP reporting server vxmlsessionvariables table with the ICM Termination_Call_Detail table to get the Agent for a specific PCS but I don't know how to create one report from multiple data sources in CUIC.  

any thoughts on this?  Many thanks, Paul

Hi pheadden,

I have added the result of POS answers to TCD (variables 6 & 7), but I don't know how can I capture it to add the agent detail (name & agent id) with SQL query.

I'm still hoping someone can help us.

This is a difficult problem to solve. It almost seems it's been made difficult by design - that Post Call Surveys should be anonymous; and that the Business cannot / should not know the agent involved if a bad survey is completed by the caller.

I absolutely know for sure that there are countries in the world where this would be illegal. Germany, for one.

But if you do want to solve this problem, the key to it is the RouterCallKey. When the PCS script is triggered, the RouterCallKey is exactly the same as the original call and call context is preserved.

So you just need the Agent ID written to another table with the RouterCallKey as the primary key and execute an ICM DB Lookup. The only entity that can do this in a timely manner is the agent desktop.

We created a Finesse workflow, triggered by the Delivered event, that called a Web Service, passing over the RouterCallKey and the Agent ID. The Web Service inserted a row in a table in a database where the primary key is the RCK and the data column holds the agent ID.

Since ICM DB Lookup can only operate on a single primary key, and RCKs repeat from day to day, to ensure accurate agent ID data and to avoid primary key constraint violations, we wrote a scheduled SQL job to truncate the table each night at midnight.

Now it's easy. In your ICM PCS script do a DB Lookup passing the RCK and retrieving the agent ID.

This would never have worked if Cisco did not keep the same RCK for the PCS call, but they do.


Geoff your answers are consistently among the best on the forums. Thanks once again for your help.

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