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CVP to CVP Translation Route


Does anyone know if it is possible Translation route from one set of CVP Servers to another set of CVP Servers that are connected to the same ICM with different PGs? Basically our setup has two separate sets of CVP Call Servers (used for difference business segments) with their own PG instances. Each of the business segments have their own Ingress SBCs that bring the call in. we have a requirement to route calls from one business segment to another. During the call transition, we need to move the call from the Ingress SBC to the other. So I am trying to setup a translation route on CVP/PG1 instance, with the CVP/PG2 instance as a routing client.

1. Call comes into SBC2 --> CVP/PG2 Instance --> Received CVP Micro app/VXML Treatment.

2. ICM decides the call needs to route to an Avaya PBX connected to SBC1.

3. ICM Script has the Trans route to VRU, returns the label to CVP/PG2 with the label that would transfer the call SBC1.

4. SBC1 should receive the call, sends the request to CVP/PG1.

5. CVP/PG1 should close the translation route

6. ICM then chooses a route select that has a label for CVP/PG1.

7. CVP sends the label to the SIP Proxy/SBC1 which then sends the call to the Avaya PBX.

In theory this should work. But what is happening is when ICM encounters the Trans Route VRU step, it doesn't seem to send the label for SBC1 to CVP/PG2. Instead, just allows the call down the success path of the Trans Route VRU and to the Route Select. Once it hits the route select for the Avaya PBX, the route select doesn't have a label configured for CVP/PG2 (on top of the fact that SBC2 cannot terminate calls to the Avaya PBX directly) and hence the call doesn't reach the Avaya.

Is it by design that ICM wouldn't process the trans route from CVP to another CVP, if both CVP/PGs are connected to the same ICM Central Controller?

If it is by design, I guess my only option is to find a way to build the routes from SBC2 to the Avaya PBX and just send the label for the Avaya PBX directly from CVP/PG2. (that adds a layer of complexity between the two business segments).

Has anyone encountered such an issue or have any suggestions?



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Have you thought about using call variables?

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Have you thought about using call variables?

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