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CVP VXML Server Activate License Issue

Level 1
Level 1

CVP Call Server 4.02

CVP VXML Server 4.02

I try to activate the VXML Server as follow:

1) Access to http://IP:PORT/CVP/Licensing

2) Enter username=admin, password=password

Then, following the documentation, I will have to enter the InstallationKey corresponding to my SystemID.

The problem is that the web page, not allow me to enter the InstallationKey, the InstallationKey code is already there and is the number of the CallServer (running on the same server).

Any clues?

Thank you in advance.

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Chad Stachowicz
Level 6
Level 6

You enter the installation ID into the PAK process when requestion your license.


Thank for you answer.

Probably, I don't know because, I did not installed the server.


I have the installation Key that correspond to the VXML Server and the system ID

What procedure do you suggest to activate it?

thank you in advance.


you nee to use your VXML Server PAK key and enter it into then enter the system id and installation ID and you will be emailed the license.



Thank you Chad.

I've got that license. The problem is:

1) We bought a CVP license (For Resale) and installed it (that license not include VXML Studio nor VXML Server)

2) Then we bought a license (NOT For Resale) for VXML Studio and VXML Server

3) We installed the VXML Server on the same server where the Call Server was installed

4) When we try to activate the VXML Server through the web page, the Activation Key field on the page does not let us to change its value, it is fixed to the CVP Activation Key and obviusly, does not match with the VXML Server Activation Key.

Finally, we can not try to install the VXML Server on other server because the Activation Key we have, was generated for the System ID of the CVP server.

I appreciate any help.