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database replication in CRS 6.0 with HA



i have a issue related to CRS 6.0 with HA. previously we had deployed an IVR related services and created few new tables to record the change. issue is tables got entry on primary but its not replicating on secondary. due to this historical reports is not showing any information related to that tables. can any one guide what to do to replicate that tables on seconday too .....

waiting for the solution ......

thanks in advance



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Hi Muhammad

You will need to clarify where you created the new tables.

The UCCX itself is a merge replication setup for only the following DB:




Now if you created these tables outside these then you will have to setup a separate replication process using the merge replication.

However if this was done under the UCCX db, then I suspect you will have to create these tables on the secondary also however you will have to test this as this.

Hi Hoai

i had created tables in db_cra and same would be done on HA server. but data was getting replicate until n unless to add in replication strategy. not itself. you have to manually add new tables in replication schema. its now sort out but one thing i want to ask

do u know hierarchy of replication. by default cisco use snapshot replication to replicated on particular time. do u have any idea or any guide to set incremental not snapshot . its drawback is historical reports didnt show data which is written on that day (means time before replication) ...... almost a day short .....

hope you got my point


Hi Hoai,

I had a replication problem between 2 Database servers in CRS 4.0

I found under replication > publications > the above mentioned three DBs on the main

On the secondry DB server I found under subscription also the above three DBs but the status was running and last action is synchronization in progress

I think I need to do manual replication for the servers

I'm a fraid from lossing my DB if I do it wrong

Also I have a problem with agent CAD reports when both servers are working and also when only the primary one

If I have the secondry only working, the CAD issue get cleared

So I'm a fraid also if main affect the secondry with the issue

Plz find my case here


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