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Deleted EMails Listed in CSD email Queued

I have a customer with several email queues but on of these queues had an auto reply loop and the went into the Exchange mailbox to manually delete the emails.  Now in CSD if you open the email queue and click on "Queued" these emails are still listed.  The "Total emails in queue" shows the corect nubmer of emails actually in the exchange folder.

My question is how do we get these phantom emails out of the CSD dispaly?

They are on UCCX 9.0.2-10000-17.

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Hello Martin,Finally you

Hello Martin,

Finally you solve this.. i have the same issue..



We ended up removing the

We ended up removing the distribution list so the emails would stop bouncing around then put it back.

Cisco Employee

Martin, it is great that you

Martin, it is great that you were able to do this after removing the distribution list altogether. There is also an easy way to do this from UCCX CLI:


utils uccx eemtables cleanup normal 3 02/11/2014 queued


You can also use the above command to remove ghost e-mails from the Assigned and Resolved folder too. Just replace the queued with assigned or resolved.


Note : 3 is the CSQid in this case and date is what you will need to choose based on which you need to delete e-mails from the Queued Folder. In order to get the CSQid, just login to UCCX Administration page and hover the mouse on CSQ name and you will be able to see the CSqid in bottom. Below is the screenshot as well for your reference





Hello Deepak, For me your

Hello Deepak,


For me your method works great.. thanks for this..


A final question. Can i delete a unique email ex: 02/11/2014 03:00:00 



Cisco Employee

Hi Christian, Glad that works

Hi Christian,


Glad that works for you.No you cannot remove the e-mail for a specific time using the command I mentioned earlier. The way to do this is to find the uid for a particular e-mail based on the time like below:


run uccx sql db_cra select emailUIDOnMailServer from eemactiveemail where queueddatetime='2014-11-10 08:00:00'


Once you have the uid, then run the below command to remove the e-mail


utils uccx eemtables cleanup uid <uid you got from above mentioned command>


In case, if the uid is negative then you will not able to delete it because of the below defect and the only option then left will be to go for deleting it using the csqid and cutoff date :




Hello Deepak,Thanks for this.

Hello Deepak,

Thanks for this... finally your suggestion solve my issue.

All procedures works fine with my ccx version 10.5 :)





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