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Determining Type of Phone Making an Incoming Call

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Is there a way to determine the phone type of an incoming call, like whether it's a pay-phone, cell phone, land line, etc.
This used to be available on Avaya, Nortel, etc PBX/ACD systems and can be useful.

If it is available, is there a way to get the info to ICM?

This is for CVP ver 7.0 w/TDM trunks and H323 internally.
But if it's not available on this, is it available with a new version of CVP/SIP?

Thanks, Janine
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Robert W. Rogier
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


     I've talked to several collegues and even some ex Nortel and Avaya people.  None of them have ever seen this functionality in the US.  It may be buried in the signalling layer of the ISDN PRI, but that would be a long shot at best.  Unless you are in a country that splits out the phones by type (Europe is known for this) I'm not sure that you'll find this easy to do.  I will ask a few more people on Monday, but my tentative answer is to say no, it can't really be done.


Robert W. Rogier


Robert W. Rogier
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What you're looking for is referred to as ANI II digits. As for getting that info from the signalling at the ingress gateway into a system variable, I'm not sure how to do that. We had one customer that was interested in it, but didn't end up getting the service from their provider.

Here's the current list of assigned values:

Hythim Ali El Hadad
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Yes, I think you can determine it with your service provider

as your mobile no. could start with 0123

land line start with 123

and like that

on ICM script, you can differentiate between them based on ANI as jessepbeatty advised

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