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Difference between ICM and IPCC

What is the difference between ICM and IPCC Enterprise ?. This is slightly confusing for me because sometimes ICM is mentioned as part of IPCC product suite. I also saw somewhere that ICM is generally used with TDM PBX/ACD, where as IPCC is generally used in case of IP PBX/ACD.

Can anyone please give a detailed clarification on the difference ?

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

ICM is a component of IPCC Enterprise which is a suite of peripherals, such as ICM Router, ICM Logger, ICM AW, ICM HDS, ICM PG, IP-IVR or CVP, and CALLMANAGER.

So, a complete Cisco solution including CallManager and Cisco IVR solution is called IPCC Enterprise, the ICM portion of it is still the same as when you integrate ICM with other ACDs, i.e. Aspect, Avaya, Nortel, etc.

Starting with IPCC Enterprise version 7.0 cisco introduced 2 variations of IPCCE: Traditional and System. System IPCCE is a scaled down version of IPCCE but includes simlified installation and web based configration. Depending on your requirements (toology, number of agents, IVR solution,etc) one may be recommanded/required over the other.

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Thanks much,

I had one more question along similar lines. What is the difference between Cisco IPCC Enterprise and Cisco Unified Communication Contact?

My understanding from the various presentations is that, IPCC Enterprise is deployed at the enterprise, where as CUCC is hosted. Is that right ? Or is there more to this ?

Cisco IPCC Enterprise and Unified CCE is the same thing, UCCE is the new name for the IPCC Enterprise suite.


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

As David said it is the same product after last year's rebranding throughout Cisco voice portfolio.

Unified Contact Center (formerly IPCC) can be purchased as Hosted version as well for service providers, etc.


Arjun Kamble

Dear All,

We can add some more point as:

UCCE: This solution includes TDM ACD/PBX on one or multiple location and based on pure TDM environment.
2. In this CVP or IP-IVR both are compatible.
3. Does not use VOIP solution.

IPCC: This solution works on purely IP based and mostly referred for single client or customer how uses internal contact purpose only.
2. In IPCC environment IP-IVR solution only.
3. Uses VOIP solution.
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