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Difference between TCD and CallsOffered in Call_Type_Half_Hour


I am working for a bank contact center (ICMv7) and facing an issue regarding the difference between the number of CallsOfferedHalf for a day and the number of records retrieved from TCD for the dialed number. Please see more details below:

Dialed Number = 1234

Call Type = Call_Type1 (CallTypeID = 5432)

I am using caltyp22: Call Type Daily report on webview to report for a yesterday and found the calls offered = x

I am using the following query to extract the number of records from TCD based on the DNIS

Select DNIS, ANI, DateTime

From Termination_Call_Detail

Where DNIS = '1234'

AND DateTime >= :start_date

AND DateTime <= :end_date

The number of records is y

I have noticed that y is greater than x. My understanding is that number of records for the dialed number 1234 should match the calls offered for the respective call type Call_Type1 for a particular period but it is not happening.

Has anyone faced the same issue before or can anyone suggest anything related to this issue.



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First understand that these tables are coming from different sources. The CTHH tables are written based upon data received from the Central Controller, whereas TCD is written based upon data received from the various peripherals. So, even if you are lining up what should be the same data elements, there's always the possibility that it won't match exactly if there was some error that occurred.

But, I think the answer to your question is based on a related fact which is that TCD contains one or more rows from each peripheral that handled the call. So, you could have one from the IVR and one from the ACD (or multiple if it was transferred/conferenced/etc). If you are looking for a single entry for each call received, try querying Route_Call_Detail instead.

Thanks for the prompt response.

I tried querying the Route_Call_Detail table with the following query based on the CallTypeID and now the records are less than offered calls in caltyp22 for that duration.

the reason I am running this query is to get the pattern for ANI to see how many calls I am getting from landline, mobile, International numbers etc for this Call Type.


Select ANI, DateTime, CallTypeID

From Route_Call_Detail

Where CallTypeID = '5432

AND DateTime >= :start_date

AND DateTime <= :end_date

The requirement from the customer is to have exact distribution of callers if they are calling from Mobile, Landline etc.

Do any of the calls change call type? Since RCD only records one row, that may be the case. You could also use the Region Editor to define custom regions and then use a region check (or CLID node) in your script to check the ANI and set one of the peripheral variables with the data you want to collect.

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