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Difference in Finesse 11 Dialogs?


I have this code, which I have used for Finesse 10 and 10.5, works perfectly fine, I receive notifications any time a dialog is started (abbreviated for clarity):

user = new finesse.restservices.User({

   id: id,
   onLoad: handleUserLoad,
   onChange: handleUserChange

Then in the handleUserLoad I have this bit:

dialogs = user.getDialogs({

   onCollectionAdd: handleNewDialog,
   onCollectionDelete: handleEndDialog,
   onLoad : handleDialogsLoaded

And of course handleNewDialog gets called whenever a call comes in. This works perfectly in Finesse 10 & 10.5. However, in Finesse 11 the handleNewDialog & handleEndDialog functions are never called. It calls handleUserChange when a new call comes in or is disconnected and that's all.

Did something change? Has anyone else had this issue?


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yes, there was a change in Finesse 11.

If you are using IE, compatibility mode is set to IE 8 is your network has compatibility mode set to on. The other issue is Finesse does not support IE 8.

If this is your issue, the event handlers in JavaScript are different in IE 8, than in other versions. So, your delegates to 'handleUserLoad' event might fail.

Try seeing if it works in Firefox. Debug in IE with the developer toolbar, and see if <meta compatibility> is set to IE 8.

Thanks, I'm not using IE8 or IE at all. I'm using Firefox and Chrome on a Mac. I did figure out that there seems to be a different way to initialize finesse.gadget.Config now. The old way I was using on 10.x was causing 11 to fail to initialize correctly.

Now I get the events but the weird thing is the first time a call comes in I do not receive the onCollectionAdd event in the Dialog, only the onLoad. The second time a call comes in, the onCollectionAdd fires correctly. I'm still working to figure this one out.d

Thanks for the reply.