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ECE - Customer SSO



Has anyone configured ECE customer side SSO with aqua templates? If the scenario is that customer has docked chat embedded at their web site and those already logged in (via SAML based SSO), should be recognized as authenticated visitors, how do I achieve that in practise. ECE admin guide suggests that SAML Assertion should be injected on the client side by calling  egainDockChat.SetCustomerParameters("SAMLResponse",""), but I'm wondering how do I get my hands on the assertion? 

So, if someone has experience on succesfull integration, help would be appreciated.

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Re: ECE - Customer SSO

I have experience with Customer SSO, mainly with the Kiwi template, but it's all the same.

  • Have you created a SSO provider?
    • Yes? Did you configure an Identity Provider?
      • Yes? Did you setup a Customer Config?
        • Yes? Did you apply this to your entry points?
          • Yes? Did you generate the HTML (it's really JavaScript) code from the entry point and select your SSO provider from step 1? -- this is where the assertion happens
          • No? do this
        • No? Do this
      • No? Do this
    • No? Do this

Re: ECE - Customer SSO

Yes, I've read through the documentation on config items you listed and it seems pretty clear for everything else, but the egainDockChat.SetCustomerParameters("SAMLResponse","") part. In my customer's achitecture the thing is that they are using docked chat at thjeir web site and in pages where the visitor is already authenticated.  According to TAC, we should put SAML assertion in that "SAMLResponse" attribute (this is inside ECE chat Javascript to be sourced at website), but the thing is that we don't have this assertion available and major changes would be needed to get that working in this way. That's why I'm  trying to figure out how the authenticvation flow really works and if someone has made it working with docked chat.


Re: ECE - Customer SSO

Just a thought that if the user is already authenticated, then the website must contain that information in authentication token or some other way; could this already available token be used while initiating chat.  Its just a random thought, i haven't worked or seen this practically.

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