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Enable CORS on IDS for fetching finesse SSO token


I hope you're doing well. I am currently working on integrating Finesse SSO into my own application and have set up IDP and IDS servers accordingly. I am following the Finesse SSO documentation for client integration.

When I access the SSO URL, it redirects me to IDS, where I enter my credentials. Afterward, it redirects me to the page I have set as the redirect_uri in IDS config, with code and state as URL parameters.

To retrieve the access token, I use the following code with the JavaScript fetch method and URL: https://<ids_domain_name>:8553/ids/v1/oauth/access_token?grant_type=authorization_code&code=<code>&client_id=<client_id>&redirect_uri=<redirect_uri>

However, I'm encountering a CORS error. I have enabled CORS on the CUIC server and allowed the origins and headers using the following commands:
1. utils cuic cors allowed_origin add <URL>
2. utils cuic cors allowed_origin add <HEADER>

Despite these configurations, I'm still facing the CORS error. I've noticed that many others have encountered the same issue, but I couldn't find any solutions in the comments. Could someone please assist me with this?

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