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Enterprise Call Variable

Customer is currently using call handlers for a voicemail maze prior to entering a UCCX script.  However I am unable to give them access to run call handler reports.  They want to be able to see how many times callers selected each option in the main menu as well as sub menus.  I would like to move this over to UCCX entirely so I can get away from running them reports, as they have access to CUIC.  I have been able to capture options selected from the main menu, but not the sub menus, nor multiple selections per caller.  I’d like to capture all the options a caller selects as they traverse the maze.

The main menu has 6 options.  The first 3 move the caller to a sub menu, the 4th send them to the queue.  The caller can also have the menu repeated or return via transfer to organization main line.Script Editor, UCCE, UCCX

The first 3 sub menu has 2 options, repeat and return to the main menu.

The custom call variable reports only captures the last selection the caller has made.

Any direction someone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Attached a the maze configuration


VIP Advisor

Re: Enterprise Call Variable

Unfortunately, that is working as expected. Each time you call the Set Enterprise Call Info step, it overwrites the previous value, only leaving the last value to be reported on.

You'll want to use something called concatenation, which allows you to append the next value on to the last value.

E.g., Set menu_selections = menu_selections + ", New Selection"

Additionally, there is only like 40 characters or something small like that to hold in the 10 CCV fields, and so, if you are tracking 8-Repeat as well, then you'll likely overflow the field by storing these longer names in there. I would recommend having one CCV dedicated to just the digit press (E.g., 8,8,1,3) and then one CCV dedicated to the final outcome (E.g., Transfer_to_Queue)

Additionally, as a good practice, I think you should zero out the CCVs at the beginning of your script, because the CCV report will report by call leg, and so, if you are transferring calls around your system, it's likely that you'll start to see duplicate entries in the report, and it will throw off your numbers.

The instances where this will happen are hard to articulate, but if you haven't seen it happen yet, you might start to notice it now that I brought it up. Anyway, you would do this with a Set Enterprise Call Info step at the top of the script and just set each of the 10 CCV to "" which will erase their previous values (recall that CCV attach to the caller and not to the application/script/csq, and thus follow the caller around the system).

Typically that is not a bad thing, if you do in fact want to remember something about them, but it wont help you if you are trying to run reports on which options are often pressed.

Lastly, the CCV report in CUIC does not allow you to filter on more than one criteria at a time, and so if you want to know how many people press option 4, but you also want to limit the report to just a certain application, well, then, this is not possible. The report output will filter on the app name only, and all menu selections will be in the report. Therefore, I recommend you put a small identifier in front of your CCV to denote the app its for, so you can omit the application name filter in CUIC and just use the CCV filter (e.g., CCV 1 = main:4)

Keep in mind that the CCV report filter has an implied contains condition to it, so by putting the identifier in the front, you now effectively changed it to a begins with, which allows you to get more specific about nested menu presses from left to right.

Though, one might argue to just export to Excel and run a pivot table from there, and I cannot argue with that approach. Excel would be superior than the stock report.

I hope that helps.

Anthony Holloway

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Re: Enterprise Call Variable

Thanks for the advice Anthony.  I will try to implement some of your suggestions.

I may have some follow up questions for you.

Thanks again


Re: Enterprise Call Variable

I seem to be stuck at saving only 2 selections, so either my concatenation code is wrong or I am setting the enterprise call info in the wrong part of the script


If someone presses 1

=set menu_option_selected variable used = "1"

Set Enterprise call Info Variable Used:1

Go to Location_Menu tag


In Location menu

8 to repeat

=set menu_option_selected = menu_option_selected +8

Set Enterprise call Info Variable Used:Menu_Option_selected

Go to RepeatOptionsMenu tag


Good up to here, but as soon as I repeat the main menu and select something, the first 2 selections made are cleared


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  I feel like I tried so many different things without any changes. 


And yes I am validating, saving, uploading and using the script after each edit is made.


Thanks again

VIP Advisor

Re: Enterprise Call Variable

Well, the you wrote how you're storing option 1, it would clear the previous menu options. You'll want to do it just like you did it for menu option 8, where you set the menu_option_selected variable to itself, and then append the new option.

E.g., set menu_option_selected variable used = menu_option_selected + "1"

Basically, anytime you set this variable it should always be set to itself first, with the addition of the new option after.

As a shorter method, use a Do step like this:

Do menu_option_selected += "1"

Lastly, in your Set Enterprise Info step, always set the call variable equal to the menu_option_selected variable, as opposed to writing the literal in there.

Anthony Holloway

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Re: Enterprise Call Variable

Got it, thanks for your help!

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