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Expand Finesse Team Performance Table


I am attempting to expand the Finesse team performance table; When I have more than 10 users logged in, the table requires you to scroll, even though the gadget has more than enough space.


I went into the administrator panel and added '?maxRows=20' to the TeamPerformance.jsp location, but it appears to not have worked.  


Is there a way to modify this gadget directly?  I attempted to log in to the command line, but wasn't able to navigate to the team performance module, and it doesn't appear that FTP allows me to get there either.  


What would be the best way to go about modifying this?


I have attached a picture of what I am looking at.  

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What version of Finesse are you using? The maxRows only works on Finesse 11.5 and above.

Unfortunately there isn't a way to modify this gadget other than to use the maxRows if you are 11.5 and above. This gadget is not open sourced.


We are currently using Finesse 11.6.


Is there any sort of cache with Finesse that I would need to flush?

Does your desktop layout look like this? <gadget>/desktop/gadgets/TeamPerformance.jsp?maxRows=20</gadget>

There shouldn't be any cache to flush, but you can always try to use the &nocache option to make sure nothing is being read from cache:!gadget-caching


In my experience, I had to restart the Tomcat service in order to force gadget updates to take. Keep in mind, this should be done in a maintenance window as it will take Finesse down.


I am posting my resolution for those who search in the future. We are running 11.5(1)


Login to your UCCX, then go into Cisco Finesee Administration. Here login, then click the Desktop Layout tab. Now I copied the config and pasted it into Visual Studio Code to better see the code. On the standard/default Finesse layout, scroll to about the middle of the code and look for the lines or just run a Ctrl-F and search for words maxRows:


        <!-- Set the height of the TeamPerformance gadget using the "maxRows" parameter.

             If you do not set or if you set the height to less than 10 rows, then default value is applied.The default value is 10.

             for eg. <gadget>/desktop/gadgets/TeamPerformance.jsp?maxRows=20</gadget>


Read the code, then look a few lines beneath this code, about 5. Look for the lines



at the line with TeamPerformance.jsp add the characters: ?maxRows=20 or whatever number you want, though I do believe the max agents a queue can have is 50.


Save your work. User who are currently logged into Finesse will have to sign out and sign back in to Finesse to pull the new layout. Users who are currently logged out will receive the new layout once they sign back in. We did not have restart the Tomcat.


The below sources are what I found during my research and are useful, this is a simple to moderate task but the resources can be helpful for the future.





Is there a way we can show two different teams' performance one below the other. This way, the supervisors won't have to choose the teams from the drop down.



Libin Benedict



You cannot show more than one team using the out of the box Team Performance gadget. You can build your own custom gadget if you choose.




Thank you.



Libin Benedict

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