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Finesse - 1 agent not getting wrap-up codes

Multiple teams on the system using different wrap-up codes. All working except 1 agent on 1 team. During and after the call, she does have the wrap-up button and can see the list of available codes however, she can not select a code. 

UCCX 10.6 SU2, Using Firefox

Logged out, closed the browser, logged back in

Rebooted PC

Any ideas?


VIP Engager

Remove them from the team, then add them again.


Agent was attempting to add the wrap-up during the call, so it should work.

Removed her from the team and added her back - no difference.

Had her switch to IE and it worked fine.

I'll have to dig in to why her particular FF is not working.

Thanks Guys.

Personally we are finding that Finesse is the most unstable application we have. I have a list of problems that TAC is supposed to be looking at.


Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee

Please make sure that your agent is not running into below problem:

Now talking more about the above defect, it is a documentation defect so that it includes the information that the wrap up codes will not be available after transfer and that had been done now in all the required Finesse documentation. Refer below:

So to resolve this or have a workaround, we just have to educate the agents to put in a custom wrap up code called probably Call-TRANSFER before they do the transfer. This behavior is Working As Designed and unfortunately nothing much can be done about this.

If your agent is not doing any transfer and still not able to chose the wrap up code then you can try as what David suggests. If that does not work then please restart Cisco CCX Notification Service in after hours. I hope the basic check is already in place that agent is part of the CSQ wherein you have enabled wrap up time and is in correct team.



Hi Deepak, I believe this problem has been resolved from 11.6 onwards. However I cant find any documentation to support this. The only indication I can find is that the caveat "You cannot enter a wrap-up reason after you transfer a call. If you want to enter a wrap-up reason for a call you transfer, you must select the wrap-up reason while the call is in progress." doesnt appear in the 11.6 version of the "Cisco Finesse Agent and Supervisor Desktop User Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express" document. 


Can you confirm if this problem is resolved in UCCX 11.6 and provide documentation to support it?





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