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Finesse 11.6(1) Live Reporting Gadgets stuck loading


After updating to MacOS Monterey v12.3.1 (21E258) users are not able load or see live reports in any update browser including Safari, Chrome, FF, Brave, etc. The headers just say "Loading Report..."


Any insight and help is appreciated.

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I'm assuming they work fine with the same supported browsers in Windows?

Same issue on Windows.

Hi, so this isn't tied to the MAC OS update but all users are impacted.

Is this a new/upgrade system, or was this working until a certain date and then it broke for everyone?

If you look in the forum for UCCX Live Data Loading you'll find this has come up a few times, sometimes being resolved by rebooting, but there are also some defects with the same behavior, such as and
Lastly, right now Cisco is doing a special forum topic on Finesse troubleshooting that perhaps they can help you with, here

It was a working system. We lost reporting in FF over a year ago so we advised users to switch to Safari where reporting worked up until everyone installed the latest MacOS update, which is why I assumed it had to do with the OS update.


I will take a look at those links. Thank you for your help!

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