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Finesse 9.1.1 - Not able to enable HTTPS redirect

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

When we attempting to enable https redirect the CLI session hangs.  Below are the steps performed:

1.     SSH into the Finesse CLI (Putty)

2.     utils service stop Cisco Tomcat

3.     utils finesse application_https_redirect enable

At this point we're prompted to enter a password.  When we enter the first character of the password the cursor drops down a level and the session hangs.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Edward Umansky

This is a known bug:

Defect number: CSCue46832

Headline: reset_3rdpartygadget_password fails

Symptom: Any of the following CLI commands will fail to execute and will hang at the password prompt

when attempted:

  • utils finesse application_https_redirect*
  • utils finesse notification*
  • utils reset_3rdpartygadget_password

This will lock your current console session until the system is rebooted.

Conditions: You install Finesse with an administrator account and the username is not “administrator”

in all lower case.

Workaround: Another console can be opened if you are connected directly to the system by pressing Alt

+ any function key [F1-F6], for a total of up to 6 separate console sessions.

If you are connected via SSH, simply disconnect and reconnect to gain a new session. To prevent this from happening again, you can create an additional CLI account that uses the username

“administrator” (all lower case) with limited access to CLI commands. This account will be able to run

these commands without an additional password prompt that locks the session.

You'll need to get 9.1.1 ES2 at minimum.

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