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Finesse Agent


Hi Experts,


Was wondering if it is possible to create 2 Lines (Extensions)for a single agent and both the lines can be used in the Finesse Agent gadget, so that Agent can receive incoming in one line and the 2nd line can be used to dial outbound calls.

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Agent phone can have multiple lines, but only one can be defined as agent line and be controlled by Finesse, recent versions of CCX can change agent status based on status of the non-ACD line status though, ie. if agent is on personal call on non ACD line their status changes to Not Ready so no ACD call drops into the ACD line from queue, etc.

This person tagged this under PCCE - so a more accurate response would be, not out of the box but sure! How far down the development rabbit hole do they want to go and if so, this is very possible.

Thank you Chris

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