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Finesse Automated Account Creation

To Whom this May Concern,


I'm writing to see if Cisco Finesse has any capacity for automated account creation through configuration manager. The current version we are using is 11.6.1.


I did notice in the current 12.5.1 version technical documentation there was already many functions to the standard Cisco Finesse Desktop API which allows it to render many varied calls made in XML. I was curious to know if this could be done by mounting certain code in Python though? I did notice the references to JavaScript. 


For the project automation architecture already in place though, it will haft to incorporate at least python and maybe power shell. 


If possible, could you please provide any reference to possible resolutions?


The API call would be made in Python application though already linked to a google form. If a push  


Re: Finesse Automated Account Creation



Can you explain 'automated account creation through configuration manager' in a little more detail - maybe with a simple example?


A Finesse Gadget can be built to do pretty much anything - but unclear on what you need to do with it?

The Gadget must be scripted in XML and JavaScript - but your gadget could be hosted on an external web server and the server side code could be anything (e.g. php or even Python) - but that not really a Finesse query.


Have a look at the sample FInesse Gadgets on the Finesse Devnet site - and it will give you a good idea.


Finesse Gadgets are usually written so they can catch the agent events, e.g. is the call answered, what state is the agent in, what is the ANI of the caller - and then this info is used within your Gadget for whatever reason it is needed for.


If the Gadget is purely a web based application which you want "embedded" on Finesse - where you need minimum or get no details of the agent state or call info - then this can be done too (very easily) - check out the sample "embedded WebApp" app on Devnet.


The External REST API Sample Gadget on Devnet - show you how you could use a Finesse gadget using JavaScript to GET, POST or PUT - XML or JSON to a server - and this sounds maybe what you are trying to do?

This uses MakeRequest (Reference and the HTTP Request get send to / from the Finesse server itself (from my Agent machine). Of course you could also do this if the Gadget is hosted on an external server (and the requests made from server) which in principal is a better design as it removes load from the FInesse server.


Also have a read of the Finesse API doc - full of useful info.






Re: Finesse Automated Account Creation



Thanks for responding to my initial post.


In referencing what you have mentioned so far, do you know of any gadgets for finesse or assets which automate agent account creation and fill all the fields in  the image? 


My company's looking to automate the agent account in finesse in  via input from a google form. I understand from what broad capacities you cite as Finesse, I'm curious if there are some options available already though? If not are there any which can be referenced?


Thanks for the assistance of all involved so far.

Cisco Employee

Re: Finesse Automated Account Creation



If I am understanding correctly, you want to be able to create new agents in an automated way.


The screenshot you provided is from the CCE configuration manager. Finesse itself does not have the ability to create any agents (even manually). When I take a look at the CCE configuration API, the Agent API ( states:

Use the Agent API to list the agents currently defined in the database, and view and edit existing agents.


So it seems like the Agent API only lets you update existing agents and not create. I am not aware of any way to create agents via an API.