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Finesse - few buttons are disappeared


In Finesse agent desktop, End button and call duration timer are disappeared after exactly 15mins of Consult Transfer Call completion in agent B


Agent A gets user call

consult transfer to Agent B

Conference Agent A, Agent B, user call

Transfer user call from agent A to agent B

after exactly 15mins, End button, Call duration timer disappeared from Agent B finesse screen. But the agent status shows "talking" state, user & Jabber call is active.


If Agent A keeps the call, no change in the End button or Call duration timer. Only its disappeared after transfer to another agent.


Also if the Agent B is an Supervisor, then no issue with the button disappearance.

UCCE version 12.0

someone please explain any reason for this.

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VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

There are a couple of defects that talk about behavior that sounds similar to this, but a couple things you'll want to confirm:

* How is the agent transferring the call? Directly to the agent using their ACD line (typically not recommended)? Or using CTI route point/some other method?

* What version of Finesse (I'm assuming 12, but may not be)?

* What version of CCE as far as ES?

*Does it happen to all agents who do this transfer/all teams, or only certain ones/certain desktop layouts?

Thanks for the response Bill... Please find the details below,

* call transfer using CTI route point
* Yes, its version 12
12.0(1) BuildNumber=01073 ES=91

* So far only reported by few agents 

VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Does this happen on all browsers?



We found the issue, the call was transferred and received by same agent. 

Thank you for sharing the root cause.

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