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Finesse - Gadget changes from v10.6 to 11.6


We are currently running UCCX  We will soon be upgrading to

When our users migrated from Cisco Agent/Supervisor Desktop, some still had the requirement to see historical reporting info in Finesse, like they did in CAD/CSD.  To accomplish this in Finesse, we currently use custom gadgets.  These gadgets point to dashboards, via permalink, which are populated with the following *scheduled* historical reports. 

  • Contact Service Queue Activity Report
  • Contact Service Queue Priority Report
  • Agent Summary Report
  • Agent Detail Report
  • Agent State Detail Report

I am pointing these gadgets to the Dashboards, because this is the only way to ensure the reports are refreshed, via the scheduled reports.  You can also not point directly to scheduled reports, because they don’t provide a permalink.

I know that I’ll have to migrate from the CUIC Gadget v10.6.1 to v 11.0.1, but UCCX v11.6 documentation states that gadgets pointing to dashboards are no longer supported.  How will I be able to provide historical reporting in Finesse in v11.6, that is refreshed via scheduled reporting?

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