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Wayne LeFrancois

Finesse Not Ready from non ACD line


I am trying to see where you would configure Finesse to go in the Not Ready state when the Agent makes or receives a call on their Non-ACD line. I see a lot of mentions about it in the design guide and of course there is CSCur16315, in particular:

Allows you to configure agents to go into ?not ready? state when talking on secondary lines
Sasikumar Divvela
Cisco Employee

Is this UCCE or uccx ?

In ucce you have to set this in PG explorer peripheral tab,

Set Agent phone line control as " All Lines"

Non ACD line impact as "Available Agent Goes Not Ready"

Available Agent Goes Not Ready means that the agent state changes to Non Ready with a special reason code while the agent is talking on, or is on hold on, a non-ACD line. This state change occurs when the agent initiates or answers a call on a non-ACD line

Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee

Wayne if you are trying to achieve this within UCCX that has co-resident Finesse opposed to UCCE wherein you separately install Finesse then that is not possible. The defect that you have mentioned is for this thing only that Multiline does not work with UCCX Finesse. What this means is no matter what all is happening on the Non-ACD line, Finesse will never be notified of the same and agent will remain in Ready state only.

With UCCE wherein Finesse is deployed separately this can be done but not with UCCX wherein Finesse is co-resident.



Deepak bumping an old thread this has changed now right


Agent Not Ready State when Non-ACD Line is Busy

This feature enables the agent's state to change from Ready to Not Ready when the monitored Non-ACD lines are used for incoming or outgoing calls. This feature can be enabled from the System Parameters.

The agent is moved to Ready after the call on the Non-ACD line is ended.

This is not applicable if the Non ACD lines are shared lines.

From 11.6 release notes.

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