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Gerry O'Rourke
Rising star

Finesse "CUIC Report" as a Standalone Report

We have a customer who uses a custom developed Agent Desktop using the Finesse REST API.

This means they lose out on some of the the nice standard Finesse capability.

What I would like is to be able to enable these agents to have similar (or the same) reports that are available from within Finesse but that they can access them either directly via CUIC or perhaps via a custom webserver (which would connect to CUIC).

Clearly we don't want to create a single permalink for every agent which would be technically possible but not manageable.

Agents also do not have a login to CUIC - so you would likely create a single generic account.

Live Data Reports require authentication (not sure if this is still the case in UCCE 11.6)

So I am wondering if there is any way to have a scale-able and simple solution to replicate the Finesse ability to run an Agent Report but direct from CUIC or if necessary via a custom webserver - which would connects to CUIC (more closely replicating the Finesse design)

The Live Data Gadget Reports configured in Finesse has a

  • ViewID (static)
  • parameter (dynamic)
  • teamName parameter (dynamic)

If you try to create a CUIC permalink URL as per below using the same ViewID and an which equals the Agents Peripheral Number and a teamName which equals the relevant Agent Team Name you get an error "Report or value list reference could not be found"…

Finesse Open Social Contain is built from Apache Shindig I believe? Unfortunately this is now in Apache's Attic.

I tried using Apache Rave (now also in Apache Attic!) which uses Shindig as a proof of concept to see if I could replicate Finesse Functionality and run a Finesse open social CUIC gadget but I didn't quite get it to work (Gadget appeared blank) - maybe an issue with cross site domain, many an issue with Apache Rave..

Anyone have any ideas on if this is possible?

In summary - We would like to be able to run a Live Data Report CUIC without having to login (or using a generic AD login) with a URL with would contain the Agent ID so filter is set by URL and the Agent doesn't have to select a filter, as Finesse does today.


Gerry O'Rourke
Rising star


Above is a general query which could be useful for a number of CCE customers (anyone not using the standard Finesse client).

Any chance someone from Cisco could respond?


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