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Thanks Geoff,

Thanks Geoff,

Finally it is working now,  hooray :)

May I have the link in Cisco for this SQL steps ?

Another questions :

- Do I need to re-login my SQL service (attached) with this SQL "ucceadmin" user ?

- Do I also need to recreate "tm_awdb"  DB with this new SQL user?

- Or what else I need to recreate or re-login with this new user?



sorry forgot the attachment.

sorry forgot the attachment.


>>>> Do I need to re-login my

>>>> Do I need to re-login my SQL service (attached) with this SQL "ucceadmin" user 

Not at all. The account the services run under has nothing to do with the SQL account you created for Finesse to read the database.

FYI - I see that you have that running under a domain account, which used to be the recommendation.

But now the best practice is to run those services under Virtual accounts. You can see that on page 22 of "Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 11.5(1)" Step 11.

Step 11

On the Server Configuration page, click the Services Account tab. In the Services Account tab, you must associate the SQL services with the virtual account.

  • For the SQL Server Agent service, in the Account Name field, select NT Service\SQLSERVERAGENT
  • For the SQL Server Database Engine, in the Account Name field, select NT Service\MSSQLSERVER

Note: While you can use the Network or Local Services account instead of the Virtual account, using the Virtual account provides better security.

>>>Do I also need to recreate "tm_awdb"  DB with this new SQL user?

No. A number of SQL logins can be created to read an already created database. You made one for Finesse, and you will probably make one for CUIC; and if you do Live Data you will make one with quite different Roles and User Mappings.

Nothing else to do.

Maybe you will install a B side AW-HDS (in production you would) and have to do the same there, and set up Finesse with a "Backup Host/IP Address".


Thanks Geoff,

Thanks Geoff,

This is just lab for now. Will add B later.



hi Geoff,

hi Geoff,

Thanks, I tried with ODBC from other server, and gave me error (attached).

what is the possible issue here?



Thanks Ritesh,

Thanks Ritesh,

This solved my Resource Management issue.




I had the same error with

I had the same error with Finesse Team Resource Management in my home lab (i.e. "The Finesse server is currently Out of Service. Team Resource Management can only be performed when it is In Service.").  Stopping and restarting the Cisco Finesse Tomcat and Cisco Finesse Notification Service fixed the problem!

Thank you, Ritesh!

Re: Finesse Team Resource error.


I have this same problem but restart Finesse server did not help.

have 2 sides but SideB is offline write now. Restarted PG1,PG2,DIALER,CG1A and CTIOS also but nothing the only thing that worries me that JGW1 status in portico is CONFIGURING. In logs I have:


13:39:16:533 pg1a-jgw1 Trace: JtapiPeer.getProvider(): caught PlatformException( Unable to create provider -- maximum provider limit reached) Provider could not be created.. 
13:39:16:533 pg1a-jgw1 Trace: Message: Unable to create provider -- maximum provider limit reached.


Re: Finesse Team Resource error.

My problem was that Finesse couldn't connect to the CTI server. All of my configs (IP/port) were correct though. I think it was due to a bad machine reboot sequence.

It turned out to be an OPC failure on the CTI server and I had to restart it.

  1. on the PG, enter commandline as admin
  2. start the opctest program, use a command such as "opctest /cust lab /node pg1a"
  3. once in opc mode, enter "exit_opc", this command restarts the service and clears the connection cache
  4. enter "status" a few times until the service restarts, shouldn't take more than a minute
  5. CTI state should now be ACTIVE, and for me the finesse service registered
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