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Finesse to play audio files on demand

Hi People,


I would like to apologize for the lame language I would probably be using, I am not someone who is dealing with such products very often and do know the exact terms.


I am working for the customer service of a company and for our VoIP we are using Finesse and a Chrome extension called Blue Phone Extension, which I think was written by somebody else.


What I would like to achieve is that the agents on the phone would be able to play certain audio files to the customers. The audio files, for example, could contain the opening/greeting they need to repeat many times each day or an explanation of some issue.

I would imagine that we will need to write a software to accommodate that and this should not be a problem.


I would be very grateful if someone could advise if this idea can be realized and it would be even better if somebody has already done something similar.


Kind regards,




Re: Finesse to play audio files on demand

What is your call recording solution and what flavor and version of Cisco Contact center are you running?



The ability to play an automatic script or recording the customer hears at the start of a call on a per agent basis is called AGENT GREETING.


Here is a link to get you started on AG.






Re: Finesse to play audio files on demand

Hi Andrew,


Thanks a lot for your reaction!


This is what I was talking about and I hope you can help me with the following:


In case an agent works with more than one language, would it be possible for AG to pick a greeting, according to the language?


Thank you in advance!


PTS Beginner

Re: Finesse to play audio files on demand

Have you been able to achieve the agent greeting solution requirement ?


Re: Finesse to play audio files on demand

Yes, you can specify what greeting is played based on language or time of day, etc. So greeting 1 might be English morning, 2 is Spanish morning, 3 is English evening, etc.

Re: Finesse to play audio files on demand

If you are using UCCE, then agent greeting is the answer to you for an opening script for the caller.  the selection of agent greeting wave files depends on the call flow defined in the ICM script. 


as Bill mentioned, you have the option to record and play up to 10 types of recordings for a single agent. and these files can be presented to the call based on the ICM scripts. 




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