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Firefox 63 breaks part of CUIC accessibility

FYI in case it helps anyone else, if you upgrade to version 63 of Firefox, parts of CUIC (in the legacy interface) will no longer be accessible to you. Here's the defect link; not as bad as the Chrome issue that several of us encountered a few months back, but no patch available. Also, note that you technically can't use Chrome as a workaround, since that isn't supported with any version to access the legacy CUIC UI. I noted that to Cisco and they are removing that part of the workaround. Hope this helps someone else.

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
I'm confused why there is a bug for a version of Firefox which is not even supported. The workaround should just say "Use a supported browser"

(FN 6) Firefox Quantum and all its ESR releases are not supported. Disable auto-update for Firefox.

They don't make that same distinction in the current 11.6 UCCE/PCCE compatibility matrix for whatever reason.

Insert foot into mouth! Whoops! I assumed this was UCCX. Another reason, we need two separate forums for UCCX and UCCE.

No problem, I tried to tag it as UCCE, but that text gets cut off sometimes.

In addition, you wouldn't think something like this that is used by both platforms would require different browsers.

The "funny" thing is look at this , this says to go back even further with Firefox for UCCX, to use version 52? I thought Quantum was technically like version 60 or above for instance.

The tag thing sucks, because yes, it's cutoff every time for me, and is basically worthless.

Yes, I agree that CUIC and Finesse should have the same requirements for each platform, provided the version is the same.

Firefox 57, released in November 2017, is the initial version with a Servo component enabled. Mozilla dubs this and several planned future releases "Firefox Quantum"
Source: Wikipedia

That's what I mean, so then between the three documents, you are basically instructed to use a version before 52, before 57, or before 63, all for the same product. Very confusing, IMHO.

Level 1
Level 1

Is now a patch available? The status is still "other"...

If you have use one of the Firefox ESR releases it should work for you as per the compatibility guide.

And just in case this helps anyone else, this is no longer true, that any newer version of Firefox ESR works with CUIC.

The newest Firefox version ESR 68 has issues with parts of CUIC 11.6, depending on the version/COP file you have you have.

Here's the defect about it.

Found out that not only does it affect the Scheduler, User List, etc... it is also affecting 3rdpartygadget where I have a Historical Report displaying a Call Detail report in a tab. 

The 3rdpartygadget : there are (3) files (XML file, JS file; and a style sheet doc) that I uploaded to the server , one of these has the permalink for the historical report.  It no longer loads the report using FF 68.2.0esr (64-bit).

My company pushes down to users the versions of browsers, even if I find an earlier version  my company will just update it next time they scan my machine .... so does not matter if I find and download an older version of FF.

This works in IE, but no one in my call center group uses IE.


Any suggestions for another method to get Historical Report into Finesse that maybe FF wont block ?

also to add to above , I have a co-resident CUIC , and I am on UCCX 11.6.1 es02

I don't mean to state the obvious, but you may have better luck with Chrome.

Another date to potentially circle on your calendar is December 3rd, that is when the next version of Firefox ESR will be released, maybe we'll get lucky and the new version will not have this issue?


Stating the obvious is always 'ok' by me !!  My call center users will utilize both FF and Chrome.  I have a new laptop and have not loaded Chrome yet as it is not a browser I would use except to test what some of my users experience. But it is on my plate to install and see the results.


I am not sure I understand the compatibility direction - does FF know issues Cisco has with its products or does Cisco patch to accommodate what FF does to the versions.  (might sound stupid, but not my area of expertise).  Trying to decide if the new FF ver is something I should be looking forward to or will it break more of Finesse / CUIC / UCCX stuff  :-)

So up until recently with that latest Firefox ESR update, Firefox ESR met the compatibility matrix direction. But then as the defect notes, the latest version of it broke it.

But the compatibility matrix still seems to show future version of Firefox are good. So when Chrome completely broke CUIC a few months ago, Cisco issued a patch. But in this case, it seems they didn't take that direction. Does that help?