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Forwarding call to Unity if IVR system is Down



We are using IPIVR Version 7.0 as a Voice Response Unity along with ICM 7.5, we wanted to know if both the IVRs goes down then we need to play the prompt through Unity that "all the Ports are busy".

We have created a System Call Handler in Unity and provide gave a number into the System Call Handler, the same number we have configured in CTI Route Point [Call Manager] under the option "

In Unity Connection 7.0 under System Call Handler we have configured Transfer Rule and under Transfer Rule we have configured transfer action to the Extension [the same which is configured in Call Manager] with transfer type as "Release to Switch". In System Call Hander we have saved a Wave file which needs to be played with the message "all the ports are busy".

Call is hitting the voice gateway router, but it is not getting forwarded to Unity Connection.


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James Hawkins

Are you sure it is not getting forwarded to Unity Connection? - it could be that the Unity setup is incorrect.

I would try using the Port Status Monitor to see whether the calls are getting to Unity Connection

so basically your saying your using a test route point that isn't currently associated with the PG's right?

Because obviuosly if it is associated with the PG's and registered its not going to hit those forwards until its unregistered..

The thing is those Route points are registered to ICM not IP IVR...

In the scripts off the failed branch of the translation to VRU node, you need to put a label to transfer to the VM box you want..

Your going about this the wrong way,



Hi Chad,

Thank you for the direction you have provided, however, we are not using Generic PG we are using IPCC System therefore we are not using Translation route to VRU.

Let me further expand my issue. I wish to prompt the customer if IVR system is not available, the call should go to Unity and prompt the message to the customer in case of IVR Failure.

I found the option in Call manager if the CTI Route point is unregistered than you can forwand the call. However, I am not sure how to do that.

The option you will get under CTI Route Point DN configure.


Hi Navinder,

Method suggested by Chad seems to be a desirable one, you should handle this in your script not sure what your script is start-->Queue to skillgroup node-->run ext script you can try the X node of queue to skill group when your translation route fails and no agent is avaiable, though you dont have a translation route node system PG does this automatically for you.

If you want to try your route point method. There should be 2 routepoints

- One controlled by your ICM pguser

- Other for your application trigger controlled by the jtapi user of ipivr.

When the IVR is down I assume that your ipivr routepoint is unregistered in callmanager you can configure the

forward unregister internal/external to your unity number for these routepoints.

So when no agent is available and router returns the label for your IPIVR trigger (routepoint) the call is forwarded to unity.

Hope this helps.


Hi Shirish,

I am using the second method exactly the way you have explained, however the call is not hitting the Unity, when the IVR application trigger gets unregistered, the call is not going further from Gateway, and gives the messages as user busy, configured at ISP End.

Also, I just want to tell you that In Unity we have configured a System Call Handler with a DN which we have given in Call Manager CTI Route point for IVR.


Hello Navinder,

Check your configuration step by step.

1. From an IP phone directly dial your trigger for whom you have configured callforward to Unity and check if that works. If this works then we can say that the configuration with unity is ok.

2. Check in the router logs what label is been returned for the IVR it should be the one for which you have configured call forward unregister to unity in cucm.

3. Check in the jtapi logs if the correct label is been passed to the cucm.

5. Lastly check the cucm logs if the transfer to unity fails it could be a partition/css issue where the cfwd number is not reachable.


Hi Shirish,

Thank you for the flow you explained,

however, in our IPCC Setup, we have not created any labels as we are not using generic PG type, we are using IPCC System. The first point is working in our setup, however, about the second point we are not sure how do we proceed.

Kindly assist.


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